Our School



Our vision for Columbus School is to create and maintain a true learning environment where diversity is celebrated and students, parents, staff, and community members are engaged in meaningful, relevant learning experiences.

We will strive for academic excellence and physical and emotional well-being while maintaining a safe, comfortable, and pleasant environment in which ideas and opinions are shared, respected, and accepted and character qualities are instilled.

Within our school community, lifelong learning will be promoted to meet the ever-changing needs of the future.

Message from the Principal

Welcome to Columbus Elementary School!  Columbus is located on Oneida Street just a few blocks from downtown Appleton and across the street from Zion Lutheran Church. My name is Joel Cannon and it is a privilege to be the principal of Appleton’s oldest school and an honor to follow the legacy of many great principals of the past. Columbus Elementary will continue to be a place where students thrive, families are welcome, and the community as a whole embraces the shared responsibility.

Columbus Elementary School serves approximately 150 students enrolled in grades 5K-5th and our Early Childhood Program and is the oldest school in Appleton dating back to 1892. Our staff members are committed to serving individuals of all ethnic backgrounds, cultural heritages, and ability levels. We care about the academic and social welfare of our students. We consistently strive to meet individual needs while fostering each student’s talents and strengths.

Individual student progress and success is closely monitored through the collaboration of school personnel. Individual reading and math progress is monitored closely using student assessment data collected on an annual basis. Teachers, principal, and specialists meet regularly to assure each child’s educational needs are met.  We were presented with a Wisconsin Title I School of Recognition Award in 2014-2015 for our efforts. 

We also take care to provide for student needs as they grow into independent learners. We teach students social skills based on the principles of being responsible, respectful, and safe. For the 2014-2015 school year, we were identified by the Wisconsin PBIS Network as a School of Distinction for our efforts with character education and improving student outcomes.  

Your ideas, questions, and concerns are important to us. Please feel free to call me at (920) 852-5450 or email me. Please feel welcome to visit anytime!

Joel Cannon