Appleton Area School District encourages our students to participate in co-curriculars at every grade level. Not only these activities a great way to connect with classmates and get involved in the community, but they also develop lifelong skills such as teamwork and time management, which are essential for future success.

A Real Plus for Students

It used to be that co-curriculars were a nice extra. While participation is still optional, co-curriculars are becoming more important than ever. That’s because admissions criteria for post-secondary schools keeps evolving—it’s not just GPA and ACT/SAT test scores that matter anymore. It’s also about learning beyond the classroom. Colleges are placing emphasis on how involved students are outside class and in the community. Employers are also considering the value co-curriculars have in providing real-world experience and the leadership potential they give graduates who are entering the workforce.

A World of Opportunity

Co-curriculars are more than just after-school sports. The range of activities offered is pretty phenomenal and allows students at every level to pursue just about anything they are interested in or passionate about—from languages to music to technology.

Why Now?

It’s never too early to introduce students to co-curriculars and that’s why AASD has implemented a series of great options at the elementary level. This is the time when kids start developing their individuality. It’s also the start to building their cognitive and academic skill. Co-curriculars can help!

What’s the Value?

Getting involved in co-curriculars at a young age has a positive effect on academic performance, gets students more engaged, and also arms youngsters with confidence. Other reasons to encourage your elementary school student to participate in co-curriculars include making new friends, be part of a team, explore different interest, develop talents, and acquire time management skills.